Bodytech Online Fitness Programs

Are you to busy to make time for your health, fitness and wellness?

I have the solution sign up for Bodytech online programs I have something for everyone.

I have spoken to a range of people of all ages and the one thing that resounds with everyone is “ I am too busy”

Family, work, study, fitness finding time for us has become increasingly difficult.

I find this so alarming because the one thing we should make as our priority is our health yet the majority of us don’t because “we are too busy”

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I am excited to see my dream slowly but surely evolving.

My goal has always been to help as many people as I can lead a healthier life and be the best they can be.

  • Once you have signed up I don’t just send you the information and leave you with it like most online services. I am with you every step of the way.
  • You have your own personal support group and I am always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • With the 3 – 12 month packages and Bodytech health and fitness challenges, you receive a consult with me via phone, Skype, face time.
  • The workout programs come with verbal and visual cues.
  • They can be printed, or viewed from your phone laptop Computer etc
  • Bodytech fitness portal is aslo available this is similar to a fitness app it comes with your own fitness and health calendar, programs, diet plans, recipes, fitness and strength testing and so much more.

Your fitness portal just like your work out plans are individualized and catered to your goals.

The majority of online programs are generic they use sample templates and assume one program fits all.  My experience tells me otherwise and this is one thing I truly feel strongly about.


Bodytech online programs offer an Individual workout program that will be tailored, individualized to YOU. Your goals,  injuries, time restraints and locations.

If your still not sure click on the link below and listen to what online clients have said via you tube.

Read the testimonials on the website have a look at the before and after photos.

If your one of those people who put their partners, kids before themselves as many of us do

  • Stop and think about what would happen if you become unwell.
  • Stop and think if you made time for your health the positive influence and role model you would become to your family.
  •  Stop and think about all the benefits you would reap if you started making time for yourself.
“I have enrolled into so many online programs with no success I always fail. My problem is I give up, I loose motivation, and I don’t have any support. My heath was getting me down I was depressed and I was also desperate to change. That’s is why I went from one program to another, I have had numerous personal trainers, and joined many gyms with no luck.
I was desperate to feel healthy and happy again that’s why I joined the bodytech 6 month online program when I signed up for the 6 month membership I really believed once you received my money you would forget me.
That defiantly was not the case your phone calls, messages of positivity made such a difference. Your advice and tips stayed with me they where always in my head and really helped me. Have a look at my dexa results this is proof that I followed your program I am so happy with my results. I am going to resign for another 6 months can you tell me when you will you be adding a 12 month subscription?
Once again thank you for not giving up on me.”


Dear Denise 
I miss you so much i miss your classes and our personal training sessions.
Ever since my accident I can’t get to you ? I know your very busy and I understand you haven’t got availability to train me at my times.
I am so thankful that you can send me my programs online you know my limitations and I trust you.
The programs are working and I am learning new things I also love the video demonstrations of the exercises.
I love receiving the programs however your messages make my day you give me the determination, courage and always make my day with your beautiful kind words.

Love Rosa 

No more excuses

It’s time for you to make time for the most important person in your life YOU YOU YOU

Yours in health and fitness

So what are you waiting for?