Bodytech Training Programs

Personal Training to reach your goals

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Perth to keep you motivated and focused on achieving your health and fitness goals, who genuinely cares about seeing you succeed – look no further.
I offer one-on-one personal training sessions at your home, gym or outdoors, adding that extra level of flexibility to your workout and making your fitness goals more attainable.

Reach your goals, whatever they are

Everyone is different, with different goals like weight loss, sports specific goals, rehab, fitness and more. But they all have one goal in common – improved overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Whatever your specific goal, I can help you be the best you can be.

Why choose a Bodytech Personal Training Plan?


Along with having different goals, everyone has a different timeframe, availability and budget. That’s why personal training is a very individual service. It all depends on you. Whether you want personal training sessions three times a week or a monthly program that you can take away and work towards on your own, it’s your choice. Whatever you choose, I’ll help, guide and support you as much, or as little, as you want.


Regularly checking in with your personal trainer is a great motivator and accountability tool. I also help you set micro goals to keep you on track.


Your 30-minute session is a time-out from the stresses of everyday life. All you have to do is focus on you, your mental and physical health. There are no interruptions and it requires very little to no ‘brain power’ – you just need to turn up and do as you’re told.

Personal Training for Weight Loss


Along with nutrition, exercise is key to successful weight loss.

Style of Personal Training:

From my own personal experience and helping thousands of people to lose weight (and keep it off), I know that it’s not just about physical change but an emotional change as well.

As the weight starts to come off you’ll notice just how much your physical health impacts every aspect of your life, because you’ll feel as good as you look.

Personal Training for Athletes


I work with professional athletes to achieve their career goals.

Style of Personal Training:

When I work with athletes, I incorporate fitness, strength and flexibility for a holistic approach. I also work with your sports coach and other fitness professionals to ensure we’re working towards a common goal. That way I can create a specific, pre-approved training plan and help you every step of the way.

Personal Training for Rehab


Don’t let restricted movement from an injury hold you back.

Style of Personal Training:

When recovering from an accident or injury, I work closely with your doctor, physiotherapist and any other medical professionals to create a safe and effective program to help you regain full mobility.

Once you’ve recovered, I continue to work with you to maintain strength and mobility, and manage pain.

Personal Training for Brides


For brides that could do with a boost in body confidence before their big day.

Style of Personal Training:

I offer one-on-one sessions or small group sessions, perfect if you’d like to include your bridesmaids in the lead up to your big day. It’s a great way to catch-up and reap the rewards of your hard work with your girlfriends. I offer sessions 4-8 weeks before the big day and include outdoor training, boxing, fun sports and activities.

Personal Training With a Specific Training Style In Mind


If a client wants to try a new style of training or has a passion for something specific, this is a good way to improve their skills. For example – if you love boxing and want to spend time working on drills, I host multiple sessions to focus purely on your passion.

Personal Training With a Specific Physical Goal in Mind


Occasionally a client will book in sessions to improve a physical attribute – for example, they want to focus on their glutes. In this case, a timeframe and goal is usually set after a consultation, so that I can plan a focused program to help you reach your goal. This will include a mix of classes, resistance band, bodyweight, plyometrics and weight workouts to keep focused and motivated.

Additional Benefits that come with Personal Training Sessions

That 30 minute session is a ‘time out’ – it is a block amount of time where there are no interruptions, no time to think about the stresses in your everyday life – just to focus on you and your body!

You’ve waited long enough. Do it for you.