December the month of over indulgence my tips

The month of December is always a busy month it’s filled with plenty of functions, gatherings, children are on school holidays, work can become busy and you find your good health and fitness routine either slows down or stops.

The stress, lack of sleep, poor food choices, alcohol and lack of training will have an affect of your total well-being and not a positive effect .

December is a warm To hot month and we find ourselves down the beach or around the pool I have clients that refuse to wear swimwear or shorts they are so unhappy with there body shapes /appearance. I find that very sad because if you are really unhappy then make a change. We are all different shapes and sizes we don’t all need to be slim and super fit however we should be happy and healthy, either embrace your body or do something about it only you can make the change.

These are my tips for the month of December:

  1. Schedule in your workouts in advance treat these like a specialist appointments that you can’t reschedule have your schedule on your fridge, in your phone, in your diary I understand you will get things that crop up and you can’t avoid however you will less likely not miss a training session if you have it booked in “failing to plan is planning to fail” “always be prepared”. If your a morning gym goer have all your clothes ready the night before or sleep in your gym clothes I have had clients do that before it saves them time and within a week it becomes a habit the early morning training sessions. ALWAYS have a spare gym bag in your car with a towel, gym clothes, underwear, socks, brush, hair tie and a pair of shoes. This is for those times that you get held up at work, an appointment or traffic and you where planning on going home first but now you have no time. Also I know that once I get home I just want to relax and the thought of getting changed an going to the gym is a lot more challenging, also have you ever got home and the family need you, or the house needs to be tidied up so you end up missing out all together on the gym. I suggest going straight there the messy house and everything else will still be there when you get back.
  2. Food preparation is very important put aside a day and make a selection of meals so on those late nights, or when you are tired you have a healthy alternative to eat instead of going through unhealthy takeaway drive through. You need to be organised especially in December our busiest month. Failing to plan is planning to fail and we don’t want that.
  3. This month you must keep your water intake up more than ever you can not afford to be dehydrated, when you are dehydrated your metabolism slows down,the late nights, an increase in alcohol and toxic food consumption will also take its toll on your skin so make sure your hydrated to help flush these toxins out and to keep your skin supple.
  4. If you have a few functions on in the week I suggest you stay committed to eating well with no treats save them for when you are out. Do not skip out on any training and possibly include an extra light session a walk some incidental exercise.
  5. Eat before you go out so you won’t be hungry and feel like eating all the party food be selective with your choices.
  6. If you are drinking alcohol stay away from the cocktails, the sugary premixes, the creamy drinks yes the creamy drinks my favourite however they are packed with calories lastly replace every second drink with water.
  7. The next day reset and refocus I don’t care if your hung over make sure you do some form of exercise a light walk some fresh air will do you good and start your day with a nutritional meal.

My number one tip is to stay consistent throughout the year with nutrition , training and a positive mindset if you do this throughout the year and include this regularly in your lifestyle those extra indulgences in the month of December won’t be such a big problem.