Goal setting

Having a clear goal can help you improve your health and fitness. But for it to be effective, you need to set yourself a goal that you’re 100% committed to, is realistic and achievable.

Step 1 – What and why 
Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers. Take your time and carefully think about your WHY.

What is your goal?
Why is this important to you?
How will it make you feel?
How will it positively affect your family, work and life?

Step 2 – Action plan 
Now write down and schedule the training sessions, food and anything else you need to do to reach your goal.

Step 3 – Visually and verbally repeat your goals and actions 
Place your goal sheet and action plan where you will see it daily. Read it, say it, do it.

Remember, people who succeed don’t make excuses; they just do it. Even when they’ve slipped up, they just refocus and keep going.