How many calories should I consume?

To be honest, I don’t calorie count. I have in the past, but not for many years. It’s very important to remember, your body NEEDS calories to burn fat and to function. Not eating enough will slow down your metabolism, reduce your lean muscle mass and hold onto your fat stores.

We are all different, and although we may all be striving for the same goal of weight-loss, every program I write is different for every person. I do recommend that some people use the “my fitness pal” calorie counting app. It’s an educational tool that breaks down your food into percentages of fats, proteins, carbs, and sugars, and it offers other tools to help track your progress.

When you sign-up, you’ll answer a few questions regarding age, gender, body fat, height, activity level, your current weight and your goal weight. With all this information, the app will give you a daily calorie count that you should use as a guide.

Everyone has different goals like building lean mass, shedding unwanted fat or maintenance. I am not a dietician, but my advice comes from my experience and knowledge. I believe in eating real, unprocessed food most of the time, and having balance and consistency with nutrition and training.