The Power of Positivity

My top tips for becoming a happier, positive person

Throughout our lives, we face adversities, struggles and stresses. I believe these hardships make us stronger and that’s why this is one of my favourite quotes: “Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”

Being positive even in a tough or tragic situation is difficult, sometimes impossible. But I always look for a positive in every situation. The situation or the grievance will still be there, but by thinking positively, I find it easier to deal with it.

My experience

One of the most difficult times in my life was when my son was very sick. I was filled with so much sadness and guilt that my baby boy was struggling to stay alive. I spent so many days and nights in hospital; I never left his side. He is now 22 and in good health, and something incredible has come from that difficult situation – a connection so deep that I find it hard to explain.

So in every negative situation always look for a positive. I know this is easier said than done, so here are some of my tips to think positively.

My top 5 tips to becoming a happier, more positive person


Surround yourself with happy people

If you surround yourself with people who complain all day, their feelings will bring you down. I have clients who have had near death experiences, and they are the most positive, beautiful people I know. They never complain, they are always happy, and it’s infectious – I’m always happier when I’m around them.

Then I have clients who complain about not losing weight, not having time to train and they’re in a negative mood before the session even starts. These negative feelings will reflect on their training session so; I ask them to walk out of the gym and re-enter in a more positive, energetic manner. It works.


Learn to let
it go

I say this often to my children and myself. Some situations will be out of our control, and that’s when we need to learn to let it go.

Just recently I had $3,000 taken out of my account. I knew where it went, and I felt it was unfair and unjust. Whenever I’m faced with a problem, I try to find a solution. This time, it didn’t work out, but at least I’d tried. So I knew I had to let it go. I had to accept that I wouldn’t get my money back, but I didn’t want to spend any more energy on this. So I let it go.


Don’t let negative thoughts creep in

I don’t allow negative thoughts to enter my mind. If a negative thought creeps in, I replace it with a positive thought or memory. I think about my children and how beautiful they are, that always makes me smile. And if I find myself surrounded by a negative group of people I will move away.


Be grateful for what you have

There is always someone who is suffering more than you. I often hear people complain about finances and how they may lose their house. Well, they’re not alone, it’s happened to me. It’s not an ideal situation but we came up with a solution – we rented. We are still alive, well and healthy. Yes, it was difficult, but we have choices, we have options, and it’s up to us to move on.


Train your body, mind and soul

Take time out just for you to do the things you enjoy. When I am feeling fit, healthy and fueling myself with good nutrition and training, not only do I feel physically strong but also mentally and emotionally. Which helps me deal with the stresses and struggles of everyday life.

Asking for help

If you’re struggling, don’t forget that there are medical professionals who can help you become a happier, more positive person. Never be afraid to ask for help or speak to people that love and care for you.