Weight-training: reps and set range

I’m often asked what my rep and set range is when I train with weights. It differs from day to day and depends on several things.

If I am sore, injured, tired, or if I’m instructing a class or the personal training client I have after my workout, and adjust my reps and weight accordingly. For example, when I do boxing with my strong clients, I need to make sure my upper body is fresh and not fatigued. That’s why the lighter weights program works better for me on those days.

It also depends on your goals, as different weight and rep combinations give different results. Low repetitions with heavy weight increases strength, whereas high repetitions with light weight increases endurance. 

This is a guide that you may find useful: 

Strength: 1-5 reps per set 
Hypertrophy: 6-12 reps per set 
Endurance: 12-20 reps per set 

The most important thing to remember is the intensity of the workout. Work hard, and you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t forget, we are all individuals, and training programs need to take into account your weight, injuries, medical conditions and goals.